Provincial and Interior Health

Guests and Youth Overnight Camping

Last update: July 1, 2022


The staff at RockRidge Canyon has always worked hard to provide an excellent on site experience, with the well being of guests and staff in mind and deed. We look forward to your visit!

RockRidge Canyon continues to comply with BC Health Orders in regards to Covid-19, which may include Gatherings and Events Order, Food & Liquor Serving Premises, Overnight Camps for Children or Youth, BCCA Covid-19 Health & Safety Guidelines for Overnight School Camps. We continue to implement appropriate cleaning within a communicable disease plan to reduce risk of all communicable disease. 


As of July 1, 2022

  • Masks: Face coverings will be optional for people in all indoor public settings. Wearing a mask based on personal choice. Regular health standards are in effect.
  • Please be considerate of other guests and staff. Stay home if sick. Notify your group organizer if you are unwell.

As of March 11, 2022

  • Masks: Face coverings will be optional for people in all indoor public settings. People may want to continue wearing a mask based on personal choice.
    • Individual businesses and organizations can choose to continue to require mask wearing on their premises.  
  • Gatherings and events for faith gatherings: The requirement of faith communities to restrict attendance based on vaccination status is no longer required.
  • Indoor common area mask requirements for employees as part of the Workplace Safety Order will no longer be required. Employers may choose to continue to require wearing masks for operational reasons or in certain settings. 
  • Overnight camps for children and youth order requirements: Camps are allowed. COVID-19 safety plans are no longer required to be submitted to a medical health officer for overnight camps.

As of April 8, 2022

  • Proof of vaccination will no longer be required to access businesses, events, and services
  • Individual businesses and event organizers can choose to continue requiring proof of vaccination for entry
  • Businesses will no longer need a COVID-19 Safety Plan. They must follow communicable disease guidance
  • Proof of vaccination will no longer be required for post-secondary student housing

See the government announcement about the changes to the restrictions.

Outbreak Control and Protocols

Early detection of influenza-like-illness or gastrointestinal symptoms and laboratory testing of symptomatic employees will facilitate the immediate implementation of effective control measures. In addition, the early detection and immediate implementation of control measures are two of the most important factors in limiting the size and length of a cluster or outbreak.

A cluster is when Public Health determines there is a link between two or more individuals with COVID-19. An outbreak, on the other hand, is when a Medical Health Officer identifies transmission within a setting and additional public health measures are required to limit the spread of COVID-19. You must notify the local Medical Health Officer if there is an outbreak or if there is a suspicion of an outbreak

Interior Health Authority Phone: (250) 851-7305 


COVID-19 Prevention

Guests – Before arrival

To respect our staff and guests, please do a self check before coming to RockRidge Canyon. 

COVID-19 Sickness Among Guests

  • Guests who determine they may have signs or symptoms of COVID-19 based on the self assessment tool, must immediately report to the Guest Services staff and doctor/first aid attendant, arrange for testing and will be asked to leave the facility and go directly home to self-isolate, including close contacts/family members that are with them.
  • If a guest becomes ill, they will be instructed to return home immediately and seek medical attention at their nearest hospital or medical centre. If symptoms are severe, 911 is to be called.
  • They will be asked to get tested for COVID-19 and inform RockRidge Canyon if their test is positive

COVID -19 Sickness Amongst Work Staff and Permanent Staff

Permanent staff are full time or part time employees of RockRidge Canyon. Work Staff are seasonal employees or volunteers at RockRidge Canyon. Guests are paying customers that are visiting RockRidge for a short duration of time. 

  • Workers experiencing COVID-19 symptoms will report to Work Supervisor immediately, even with mild symptoms
  • Sick workers will be asked to wash or sanitize their hands, provided with a mask, and be isolated
  • A sick worker housed on-site will be moved into a separate quarantine room (Aspen, Birch,Cottonwood or Douglas Fir)
  • A rapid test will be conducted for a sick worker/volunteer. If positive then they will be sent to get a PCR COVID at the health facility. 
  • If the worker is severely ill (e.g., difficulty breathing, chest pain), will be transported to medical care or 911 will be called.
  • Housekeeping staff will clean and disinfect any surfaces that the ill worker has come into contact with
  • Sick workers must isolate for the following time periods and can end isolation when all three conditions are met:
  1. Fully vaccinated: At least 5 days have passed since your symptoms started, or from test date if you did not have symptoms. You should wear a mask even in settings where a mask isn’t required and avoid higher risk settings, such as long term care facilities and gatherings, for another 5 days after ending isolation. Fully vaccinated means you received both doses of a 2-dose series (e.g. AstraZeneca, Pfizer, or Moderna vaccine) or it has been more than 14 days since you received a single dose of a 1-dose series (e.g. Janssen/ Johnson and Johnson).

    Not fully vaccinated: At least 10 days have passed since your symptoms started, or from the day you tested positive if you did not have symptoms.
  2. Fever has resolved for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication, such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen. 
  3. Symptoms have improved.
  • Close contacts will need to monitor for symptoms of COVID-19 and avoid non-essential high-risk settings for 10 days. Those who are not fully vaccinated will need to self-isolate for 10 days.
  • Any volunteer workers who have a positive COVID-19 test will be sent home immediately

Public Bathrooms

  • Staff will ensure frequent cleaning and disinfection of high touch surfaces
  • Frequent hand washing signs posted in washrooms

Work Staff Housing

  • Assigned coordinator overseeing COVID safety
  • Any employees that are ill or require isolation must be immediately moved into quarantine rooms  – Tree Rooms
  • Decrease crowding and social interaction, by staggering mealtimes, opening additional lounge spaces, and limiting indoor group activities
  • Increased frequency of cleaning assigned and scheduled
  • Community space cleaned and disinfected daily
  • Work staff are required to disinfect shared areas
  • Cleaning products will be readily available, monitored daily and restocked daily as required
  • Sleeping accommodations will provide a 1 metre physical distance between the heads of individuals. 

If there are any questions or concerns, please contact RockRidge Canyon at or call (250) 870-9030.