What an incredible weekend!

We look forward to seeing you again in 2025.

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Opening Soon – Keep May 23 – 25, 2025 open to join us again next year with some of your friends and family. We are excited to offer you this year’s prices for our 2025 Young Life’s Weekend for Women for one month only until June 30, 2024.  (Registration opens in June and closes June 30, 2024 then re-opens November 1, 2024 with increased prices).


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Welcome to a Young Life Weekend for Women

May 24-26, 2024


For an all-inclusive style weekend


Come experience the breathtaking expanse of Rockridge Canyon and the warmth of a fun weekend together.

Set this weekend aside to treat yourself to a lakeside getaway, with crisp fresh air, comfy accommodations and wonderful food. Come join our ROOTED weekend and choose workshops that speak to your heart and help you learn and thrive. Enjoy learning about developing flourishing relationships, parenting through the weeds, and how to grow strong roots in our lives. Whether you have any faith or no faith, you are welcome here! We hope you will find the roots of faith at our Weekend for Women.

There are lots of activities available! You can take a dip in the pool, conquer the ropes course, Tower of Terror or the lake-crossing zip line. Dare to go waterskiing, wakeboarding or in a spinner. Or go at a slower pace, in a canoe, kayak, or paddle boarding. A highlight of our weekend is our evening YL Club, bursting with laughter, music, and opportunities to grow in God’s love.

Workshops to learn and grow

Music & Entertainment

Adventures & Nature

Excellent Food, Fun & Accommodations



Adventure Awaits!

Zip across the lake

Take a dip in the heated pool

Climb the Tower of Terror

Navigate the high ropes course

Navigate Canoe Cove in a kayak, paddle board or canoe

Walk the scenic trails

Go take a hike! (up the Pinnacle)


Kick Back & Relax

Sip Barista Coffee in The Loft

Cool treats in Scoops Snack Shop

Ping Pong, Pool and more in the Games Room

Lots of quiet spaces to relax and enjoy the views


Mariah McCleary


Mariah spent a lot of her childhood wanting to prove that she was worth it. Worth what? She wasn’t sure, but she knew that she didn’t feel valuable. Whatever roots she had in her childhood were short and stunted, easily wounded. Then, as a single mom with three young boys, she became rooted in faith in Jesus and a passion to change the world.

Mariah earned her degree in Organizational Management and started to work for Young Life, speaking and teaching all over the world. She is now the proud mom of five and happily married, residing outside of Seattle, Washington.



Price includes meals, accommodation, bedding, towels & most activities. 

RockRidge handles the registration for this event. Please call during business hours at (250) 870-9030.

For general event questions not covered above, contact email: womensweekend@younglife.ca.

Registration closes Monday, May 13 at 4:30 pm, or when event sells out.


We’d like every woman to attend this weekend. One way we can do that is by helping each other. If you’d like to help sponsor women to come to the Young Life Weekend for Women, complete this form. Please note: YLWW scholarship gifts are anonymous, non-refundable, distributed at the discretion of the YLWW committee and are not tax receipted.

If you would like some assistance to attend, please let us know.

Your Getaway Weekend Overview


The Women’s Weekend starts Friday afternoon!

Whether your trip is 2.5 hours from Kelowna, 3.5 hours from Vancouver area, 4 hours from Seattle or 6 hours from Victoria area, you should plan to arrive no later than 6pm for dinner. If you can make it sooner, all the better! The gate opens at 1 pm. All afternoon, we have the lakeside open for walks, the pool for swimming, and Beach Hut for biking etc. Scoops will be open for snacks in the afternoon (bring some cash for treats!).

Once you are moved into your dorm lodging, and have had a good dinner, we will be inviting you into The Rock, our fabulous auditorium, where our live band will provide the tunes to sing along with, and you will meet our speaker Mariah for the first time.

Bed time will be later than usual, as there will be a lot of options for fun – karaoke, cozy lounge chats in The Loft, as you get to bond with your cabin-mates.


The day will be packed with delicious food, interesting workshops, and outdoor activities. Let’s let that day unfold as it happens (just like we surprise our other Young Life camps – those lucky teens!)


We will have a morning snack in the coffee loft for those early risers, along with a devotional time in a small group (bring a Bible!) for those that want to attend, then breakfast will be served before our last time together in The Rock.

Departure is at noon, if you must leave early, and by 3 pm if you can stay to enjoy the property before you hit the road.

Planning to come back next year is an important activity – be sure to discuss who you will bring with you next year as you chat on the drive home! Enjoy the drive home through beautiful BC!

At the centre of it all. Road map

At the centre of it all

RockRidge Canyon is about a 3 hour scenic drive from Metro Vancouver and Bellingham, or 2.5 hours from Kelowna.

If you prefer to carpool please email womensweekend@younglife.ca to let us know.

So much to experience

Click image to view property map

Frequently Answered Questions

Do we need to bring extra money for activities?

Sure – While most activities are included in the weekend price, it’s great to have cash or cards on hand for extras, like specialty coffees from the coffee shop or for gift items in The Ridge Trading Co.

Are there any age, size and weight restrictions for any activities?

Although the property can be enjoyed by any age, RockRidge Canyon was built for teenagers and therefore most activities are more suitable for school-aged children and older.

Mountain Bikes – Mountain bikes fit ages of about 12 to adult. Bike helmets are mandatory for all ages while on site. You may bring your own bikes if you wish, but keep in mind the paths are not paved. The dedicated mountain bike trails are challenging.

Zip Line – Guests must be 48 in tall and 60 pounds minimum. We want to be sure they fit the harness perfectly and have the weight to make it to the bottom! By the way, a maximum weight of 275 pounds is allowed. One person per harness and zip line.

The Ropes Course is harness dependent and The Tower has a 5 ft tall minimum. The maximum weight is 275 pounds.

Note: Weather, including wind is a factor in the safe operation of the zip line and all challenge activities.

Is alcohol/cannabis permitted?


Complying with the decision of Young Life of Canada’s Board of Directors, RockRidge Canyon is an “alcohol/cannabis free zone“. Please do not bring it on site. Limited alcohol may be served at licensed events.

What about Cell and WIFI?
CELL – Rockridge Canyon is set in a mountain valley so cell phone coverage can be spotty around the property. Ask your service provider if you qualify for Wi-Fi Calling (text and phone calls).

For your convenience there are courtesy phones on site, which are free for long distance calls in North America. During your stay, anyone wishing to leave a message for you can call the RockRidge property office at 1 (250) 870-9030 and the message will be delivered at the earliest convenience.

WIFI – RockRidge Canyon has public Wi-Fi around the dining hall, in Wolfe Creek Lodge and in The Rock should you wish to bring your portable computer to stay in touch.

WIFI is set up for light capacity, such as checking emails, posting awesome selfies of your stay at RockRidge Canyon (@rockridgecanon), vs streaming movies.

Plan for an (almost) unplugged weekend. There’s lots to do on site. Bring your favourite games and crafts. Books are great too!

Is Electric Car charging available?
Electric charging is available in Princeton but not on site.

Please be sure to charge your vehicle prior to arriving.

Here’s a handy reference for local charging stations in Princeton:


Work Crew


Come and help out! We’re looking for

Certified Lifeguards


Dining Room


Beach Hut


Thank you!


Contact ruthchan55@gmail.com

RockRidge Canyon retreat centre Sunset