Short Term Summer Staff Young Life Camp RockRidge Canyon

Short-term Summer Crew

Serving for a single camp, or multiple camps

Volunteer Opportunity

Come have the joy of serving Young Life campers, staying for the month or as short as a week. Your service is critical to the success of camp. You’ll serve alongside other volunteers and camp staff.

This summer we a flexible solution for those who want to serve at camp but can’t commit to the full session. 

You’ll be part of the crew that makes camp possible, and we know you’ll have a tonne of fun working and enjoying camp together.

  • You can serve for as little as 1 week of camp. If you can join us for a week or two, or the whole session.
  • You have a heart to serve and support Young Life’s mission to introduce teens to Jesus and encourage them in life, and you want to grow in your faith too. 
  • Previous experience is helpful but not required in all roles. Training provided.
  • You’ll arrive between 2-4 pm on arrival day for training and setup
  • You’ll leave after 4pm on departure day to help with our changeover for the week

Yes, it will be work, but there’s a big payoff — changed lives — yours, your new friends and the teens you bless.

Session 1 (July 4-26)

Short-term Summer Staff

Details and Application

Have the joy of serving at camp but stay for the month or as short as a week. 18yrs+

Maintenance/Landscaping    Keep the grounds looking great. You’ll be watering, trimming and working mostly outdoors. 

Videographer (x1 for each week)  You’ll work with our Summer Video Intern to support YL Program teams, making videos, capturing all the fun.

Challenge Course Operators    Training is July 4&5. 

Boat drivers   Training on July 3-4

Come & Serve program (More info)  Designed for adults, you’ll assist our kitchen staff. Approx 6hr shifts, with breaks.  July 10-15 WL1 (x4) and July 21-26 FC (x4)

Session 2 (July 30-August 16)

Capernaum Family Camp, July 30-August 2  |  YL Senior High Camp 1, August 3-9  |   YL Senior High Camp 2, August 10-16


Work Crew

Details and applications

Summer Staff

Details and application

You are 18yrs+. Short term Summer staff is ideal for singles but couples are welcome too. The plan is for you to stay in our multi person lower Wolfe Creek Lodge rooms. It’s always cooler there. 🙂

Baristas in Canyon Coffee 

Maintenance/Landscaping  Enjoy that fresh mountain air as you work together to maintain the RockRidge Canyon property.

Challenge Course Operators  Note: We’ll provide training. Training for Challenge Course Volunteers Either July 4-5th or July 28 & 29th. Then come for a week or more, starting July 28 to August 17.

Lifeguards    Lifeguards 16+ (NL, SFA/AED/CPR-C). We  have a critical need for lifeguards this summer. This is a paid position. July 30-August 17. Critical need: August 10-16

Boat drivers (x2)  August 9-16. Canadian Boat Operators Certification required. 

Videographer (x1 for each week, including Capernaum, SH1 and SH2)  You’ll work with our Summer Video Intern to support YL Program teams, making videos, capturing all the fun.

A/V  Work with the Summer Intern team, in The Rock, Dining Room etc, or outside. (x1 each week). 

Come & Serve program (More info)  Designed for adults, you’ll assist our kitchen staff. Approx 6hr shifts, with breaks.  (x2) SH2. August 9-16


 Completed Grade 9-12 (as of July 1 2024)

Work Crew – You’ll work with others your age under the supervision of your Work Crew boss and property staff

Adults 18 yrs+

Summer Staff –  You’ll be working with the college age Summer Staff and other adults under the supervision of Interns and Young Life/Property staff. You may be a part of helping run morning or evening camper events in addition to your role. Summer Staff roles require considerable maturity and non-verbal witness serving guests. Older adults welcome. 


You’ll be housed in Ashnola Leadership Lodge, Wolfe Creek Lodge, or dorm bunk lodges, according to role, age and gender. No need to bring bedding. It’s RockRidge Canyon!


You’re responsible your travel arrangements and costs, however we may be able to pair you up with other volunteers from your area.

Can I bring friends?

Sure! Everyone needs to apply on their own, so be sure to note your group info when applying.


Is this family friendly? It can be. Your kids must be 16+ and able and willing to fully volunteer in a Work Crew or Summer Staff role. Due to housing requirements everyone will sleep according to their roles, age and gender, which may mean families are apart during their stay and your meal times may vary. The focus is on serving well individually but the shared experience can be invaluable!

Camp Boat Drivers at RockRidge Canyon Summer Camp

How to apply for Short-term Crew

It’s easy.

Be prepared to answer a few questions and supply a reference. 

Short-term Work Crew – Sign into CampBrain and select Work Crew Application, then choose the weeks you are available.

Short-term Summer Staff – Sign into CampBrain and select Short-term Crew Application. It’s a quick, short form.

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