Building for Leadership

Developing the Leadership Lodge

Since 1954, the mission of Young Life of Canada has been reaching Canadian teenagers with the good news of Jesus Christ. In a world that boasts of its connectedness, we are witnessing a growing epidemic of adolescents who are experiencing disconnection from meaningful relationships with friends, family, God, and even themselves. The impact of this disconnection is devastating.

Teens are longing for

  • Safe and unconditional relationships with caring adults
  • Fun, adventure and a sense of significance
  • A chance to know and respond to a creator they can know: Jesus Christ
  • Leaders they can trust to make these things real Reaching the Next Generation of Canadian Teenagers

Reaching the Next Generation of Canadian Teenagers

Young Life has over 65 years of positively impacting teens, loving teenagers in their world, encouraging them to know, Jesus Christ.

Adventure and excellence are staples of Young Life’s camping program.

Our camps are designed to reflect the abundant life that Jesus promised, and our work staff are part of that proclamation through their living testimony of hard work and service. Work staff serve in a variety of ways including as dining hall servers, grounds crew and housekeepers. The experience provides the opportunity for young people to grow as leaders, personally and spiritually, while surrounded by a loving community.

Serving at a Young Life camp is looked back on by many as a transformational time in one’s life as key relationships are built, and a sense of direction and purpose are discovered. Other benefits include

  • Growing in deeper in faith & learning what it means to follow Jesus
  • Making a difference in the lives of hundreds of other Canadian teens’ lives
  • Experiencing new things surrounded by God’s beautiful creation
  • Learning new skills & how to work hard
  • Being part of an incredible team
  • Building life-long friendships with others from across Canada

Building a dedicated Leadership Lodge

As the mission of Young Life grows across Canada, so does the need to increase our capacity at RockRidge Canyon. The Leadership Lodge will enhance our leadership training experience and overall camping capacity with the following outcomes:

  • Facilitate & encourage Christian leadership development
  • Designated meeting and accommodations for leadership training
  • Expand and improve accommodation for our Interns, CREW and work staff
  • Improved meeting spaces for better community, interaction and collaboration including improved accessibility for those with disabilities
  • Replaces existing work staff housing currently in a camper dorm to increase camper capacity by 50 beds (from 300 to 350)
  • Increase camper beds to 350, with added flexibility to accommodate multiple groups, sizes and usage.

Opening Fall 2023

We are deeply thankful for the donors who have seeded and supported this important project thus far.

As we move closer to filling it with young leaders there is still a need for some funds to finish well. If you are interested in supporting this exciting project, please contact Mike Manning, VP, Development at or calling 604-218-1822.

Christian Leadership Lodge at RockRidge Canyon
Siding going on the Leadership Lodge
Intern Lounge Great Room
Front Entrance Leadership Lodge
Lake side deck Leadership Lodge